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Re: [IP] Insurance is backpedaling on paying

Bob wrote:

> Here's a possible "gotcha" Kasey. You records may *not* indicate better
> control since Kayla started pumping. It's expected to take a while to get
> things under control. I'd think more than six weeks in many cases. What do
> the records look like when you compare them, pre pump and post pump?
> It wouldn't surprise any of us if Kayla's records initially indicated some
> BG "problems", swings, etc. However, the longer term trends are what count,
> and you cannot observe them in a six week trial period.

See, this is the very reason I don't want to send them her bg logs. 
Overall, her control HAS improved from an avg. bg of 200+ to 140
(according to the FastTake 2wk avg).  But just looking at her charts
shows lots of spiking --> little control.  I've already instructed her
endo, in writing and verbally, not to release the bg log copies I've
been faxing to him.  Now I'm playing the stalling game with the ins. co.
about the copies for them.

Our main reason for putting Kayla on the pump wasn't for better overall
control.  It was because for some unknown reason Kayla pukes a lot. 
Sorry to be gross, but that's the truth.  She gets bouts of vomiting
that are uncontrollable and she's been in the hospital three times in
less than a year because of it.  BG bottoms out, ketones go through the
roof and she can't even keep liquids down.  The pump makes managing
illnesses easier.  Since she began pumping, she hasn't puked a single
time.  Before pumping she couldn't go two weeks without 'praying at the
porcelain altar'.  Her endo agreed to pumping precisely for this reason
and stated that in his letter to GEHA.  So their wanting to see improved
control has nothing to do with the original reason for putting Kayla on
the pump.

I'm an idiot for not getting it in writing, so now it's my word against

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