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Re: [IP] Bad Site?

> I just changed my Sofset yesterday mid-morning.  Most of the day it seemed
> as if my blood sugars did not want to go down, no matter how much I
> bolused.  Then they went down dramatically for a little while, but then
> right back up again

That's how you tell. Sometimes (maybe) it just sticks into something 
inside or the tissue gets too damaged by the insertion (who knows). 
But your symptoms are very typical of site corruption.

> I am slightly ashamed to say that I have not tried the Silhouette again.  I

Shame, shame (heh... heh...) the Tender/Silhouette/Comfort set is 
great for backside and thighs. Sleeping is OK with it just above the 
butt (according to my daughter, Lily).

>.  That needle (and the pain I experienced with my
> first try) is admittedly pretty daunting, too!

Put it in at a VERY SHALLOW angle.
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