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Re: [IP] Insurance is backpedaling on paying

At 09:29 PM 7/6/98 -0400, Ted wrote in response to Kasey:


>As I understand it excellent control is EXPECTED to take ANY diabetic 
>6 months to a year, regardless of age. Actually Kayla should do better than 
>that, she doesn't have as much to unlearn.

No argument here. This varies, may take less, may take longer.

>> So, here's where I am.  They lied.  (Surprise, surprise)  I don't want
>> to send the bg logs just because that wasn't an original stipulation.
>> If they had made that demand from the get-go, I would have postponed
>> putting Kayla on the pump and fought them for approval.  Now we face the


Here's a possible "gotcha" Kasey. You records may *not* indicate better
control since Kayla started pumping. It's expected to take a while to get
things under control. I'd think more than six weeks in many cases. What do
the records look like when you compare them, pre pump and post pump?

It wouldn't surprise any of us if Kayla's records initially indicated some
BG "problems", swings, etc. However, the longer term trends are what count,
and you cannot observe them in a six week trial period.

>after the trial period. After saying that ask for the persons supervisor.
>Tell him or her, then ask for THEIR supervisor. Call several times a day
>and saturate their office with the need to approve the pump.

There's always a fine line between being assertive and being a PITA. But,
asking to speak to someone who is empowered is very important. As tough as
it can be, keeping cool is useful. But, that's easy for me to say ;-|


We're here, we'll do what we can to help. Try to document as much as
possible. It will feel like you are writing a novel, but it is worth the

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