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[IP] tendonitis

   Anyone out there have any experience with tendonitis? A friend on
the net told me about Diabetic Shoulder Syndrom, but my dr. doesn't
believe there is such a thing. I've been having problems with my right
shoulder since last September. Had physical therapy, and even
cortisone shots, but keep hurting it again and again. All I am doing
is stretching when I wake up in the morning, or taking my clothes off,
washing dishes, or picking up a 2liter soda bottle.
   anyone have any feed back? Should I try to get to a rheumatologist?
I had a sed rate done, dr. said if it was something like fibromylagia
the rate would be very elevated, but mine was normal. I just want to
know what to do to heal this mess and help prevent a reoccurance!!
   Thanks for any feed back!
    Barb G

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