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[IP] Lifescan meters

   I had some problems with my FastTake meter, called the service
number, and received a new one. When I had some more problems, I found
white powder over the meter. Called again, sent it back,
etc.Eventually, they sent me extra strips, and a NEW One Touch
Profile, with 100 free strips. Also ended up with 75 free strips for
the FastTake. It was frustrating, but now I have 2 brand new meters,
plus one extra meter in in house. No problem if one gives me
trouble.!!!Keep communicationg with Lifescan, I'm sure they will do
you alright. Got my rebate check today, too.
   Good luck with yours!! Both machines give about the same readings,
so I figure they both should be accurate, with my not having
unexplained highs or lows!!

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