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[IP] Thanks so much!!!

   Just wanted to speak a little for those of us who read the digest,
but dodn't answer it too much. This is a terrific place, to meet
friends, to  gain support, to learn about the pump, and really know WE
     So if you are a usual contributor, thanks so much for your time,
personality, and the info. Sue, it's great to have you back!!!,Helen,
thanks for taking time out, as a mom who is concern for her son, you
as well as the other moms out there are doing a lot of good for your
child by participating. I will try your recipe one of these days!
Thanks again. Randall, we are ALL human!! One day maybe I'll send you
a personal one and let you know just how messed up we can all get.But
remember this, if we were perfect, we wouldn't be total human, and we
wouldn't be on this earth, either. we would be sharing THE  THRONE!!!!
     So, thanks again, insulin-pumpers!! You are MUCH appreciated!!!
This displaced Yankee says THANKS,Y'ALL!!     Barb G

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