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[IP] Bad Site?

Hi, All:

Hey, how do you know if you've got a bad site?  I don't mean one where the
cannula is crimped or something like that, but a spot where your insulin
doesn't absorb very well or absorbs intermittantly.

I just changed my Sofset yesterday mid-morning.  Most of the day it seemed
as if my blood sugars did not want to go down, no matter how much I
bolused.  Then they went down dramatically for a little while, but then
right back up again.  I woke up to test at 2:30, and I was 259 (bedtime
168, and it usually doesn't vary much).  I bolused to get that back down
and it was 116 when I got up.  But I'd had enough, so changed the set
again.  Things seem to be some better today (though it was hard to tell,
since I forgot to take my lunch bolus (duh!).

When I removed the original set, there was nothing the matter with the
cannula; it looked perfectly normal.  What made me wonder about the site
was the fact that it was on the right side of my lower tummy, for years my
favorite place to take MDI.

If the site is indeed the problem, will it always be that way?  Or if I
leave it alone for however long, will it recover and absorb more normally?

I use my butt, but there aren't that many good spots there (maybe 4 on each
side, max), and I find this placement less convenient for sleeping,
dressing, etc.  I don't think I could use my thighs, because having the
tubing in close contact with my skin makes me itch!  I got one of those
t-shirts with the 2-sided pocket and had to send it back because having a
relatively large amount of tubing hanging on my tummy drove me crazy!

I am slightly ashamed to say that I have not tried the Silhouette again.  I
keep planning to do so, but then I keep needing to change when things are
hectic, so I just go ahead and do the SofSet because I'm familiar with it,
and it seems to work okay.  That needle (and the pain I experienced with my
first try) is admittedly pretty daunting, too!


--Laurel (pumping with MM 507 since 5/15/98)

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