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[IP] give me coffee or give me death

all this talk of hot coffee and cold diet soda...how about iced coffee YUM!!
Now I cant stand luke warm coffee...bleah, but ice it up real good, add some
cream or milk, and yummmmm!

If you cant figure out if maybe the sweetner is causing the rise, why bother
with the chemical additives - try using the NATURAL sweetner (aka
Sugar...oooooh taboooo), and take an appropriate bolus for it (1 teaspoon has
16 calories or 4 grams, CHO).  If you covered appropriately for the sugar and
STILL have a rise, it might just be the caffeine - believe me it DOES have an
effect on you, even if you don't physically FEEL it.  

I drink an iced decaf coffee every day, with 1/2 sugar and 1/2 equal and lots
of milk - skim if they have it, or regular if not...cover for the sugar and
cho in the milk and am USUALLY ok...of course, only if the moon is in the 7th
house and jupiter aligns with Mars, and only if all that occurs on

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