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[IP] Swimming

> Richard,  I keep my disetronic pump on while I swim.  Since I am on Humalog, I
> find this works better especially since I swim for 1-2 hours. 

Your Mileage WILL vary. Lily always takes her pump off while 
swimming, does not bolus the missing insulin and many times will need 
extra carbo to keep from getting low. This varies with the water 
temperature. Your energy / heat loss are directly affected by both 
the level of activity and the water temperature. Below 80 degrees F, 
you may need extra carbo if you are swimming hard.

Lily, brother Charlie and I just returned from a week of swimming and 
skin diving at Catalina. The water temp there is about 72F. Lily 
needed no insulin + 10 grams an hour while skin diving with a full 
wet suit. This was consistent from day to day. Skin diving is a 
little more strenuous than swimming (except competition). Bare 
skinned, the numbers were about the same for playing and swimming in 
the surf.

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