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Re: [IP] LXN "duet" meter

At 03:05 PM 7/6/98 -0400, Kelly wrote:

>Wondered if anyone out there had tried a new meter called the LXN "duet"?
>it measures fructosamine, as well as normal blood plasma, I believe.  A
>fructosamine test is apparently similar to an HbA1c, but the time period is


This meter is currently listed as a "Win This" promotion on
http://www.diabetesnet.com. (Contest ended) I've seen the meter advertised
in some publications, such as Diabetes Forecast.

I participated in an "on line marketing analysis" about a year and a half
ago for an un named product for an un named company. It took place over a
period of time, with a pre selected group of respondents. We were asked
about all sorts of care products / preferences. This area was one of the
things we were asked about. The device discussed back then would be capable
of both BG and A1c type monitoring. Perhaps this is what "trickled down" to


>this one.  Also, wondered if anyone had any comments about Minimed's new
>continuous monitor coming out?  I believe the first phase will be used as a
>diagnostic tool for physicians and as a hypoglycemic alarm.  Not sure yet


>that happens, was curious if people would wear it--guess it would be like
>having a second pump, and you could see your blood glucose reading anytime.


My doc asked me whether I'd like to wear "two infusion sets all the time"
(with a grin on his face). This was back when I was having problems finding
one suitable infusion site which would last for a couple days (much better
now ;-)). I understand that the sensor is worn under the skin (hence my
doc's tongue in cheek reference to two infusion sets), needs to be rotated
every couple days to a new site, can't be in close proximity to anything
else under the skin (like an insulin infusion set), etc. If I've got the
preliminary details right, it sounds like a lot of effort.

I'd "lose" some prime infusion set real estate, but the data and feedback
might be real valuable. I'm particularly interested in readings overnight,
and the ability to monitor changes every 5 minutes or so, to get some good
baseline data. From what I've heard, people go hypo with much more
frequency than they notice, except it bothers some of us more than others.
I'd like to see the data that is fed back from a product like this.

I can see some real possibilities here. With all the current interest in
Humalog, this is very important. Used with an implantable pump, the
continuous glucose sensor nudges "the open loop" much nearer to full
closure. Once the loop is closed, an artificial pancreas will follow (over
simplified I know, but it's a thought).


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