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[IP] D pumpers - switching to spare pump

Sorry I lost the original thread re: switching to the spare Disetronic pump:

I switch every three months "or so". Initially, I switched pumps after one
month, just to be sure each pump operated to my expectations. When I was
sure everything was o.k. I changed to a three month rotation. Some users
switch very infrequently.

I have also used the spare pump when testing some major revision to basal
rates, such as I did when I switched from Humalog back to Velosulin. I left
the "old" pump set with the rates for Humalog - if I had to switch back
because something wasn't working right, this was quick and easy to do.

I do take a few minutes to program the spare with any new basal settings
when I've made changes. If I need to switch to this pump quickly, I can do
so without fussing with the settings - they're already programmed. I just
switch pumps and cartridges and go.

Just remember to take the batteries out of the spare pump when it's not
being used. This ensures the pump clock won't continue to run. Each pump's
warranty period is based on the total time the pump has run, documented by
the internal clock. Running the clock when you're not using the pump is a
"waste" of your warranty.


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