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[IP] approved for pump

Dear listmates,
  Got the greatest news this morning.  After the insurance representative
called last week and said Jessica would probably be denied because of her
age (she's 6) and I should start working on the appeals process, I got a
little depressed.  Just exactly WHO ARE these people that think they can
play with other people's lives and determine whether or not they should be
able to attain good control??  Well, after starting to compose a letter for
the appeals, she called me this morning and said the insurance approved
her!!  I should have her pump by Wednesday and she will start training next
week when she gets back from camp.  I am thrilled beyond belief.  Jessica
will be establishing a standard for the insurance company, as then next
youngest they have approved is 17.  She will prove to them that a child IS
capable of taking control of her life and disease!  Thanks for all your
help!!  BTW, she is getting the new MM507C......in blue :)

Nita in Texas
mom of Jessica age 6, Type 1 for 5 1/2 years, soon to be pumping!!
email @ redacted

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