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[IP] Re: neuropathy

ellen, that's good new to hear about the benefits of pumping on your
neuropathy.  The current medical thinking from my neurologist is that
nerves do not regenerate, but I never believe experts.  What do they really
know?   I had developed a mild neuropathy in my feet last year and that was
the reason I was motivated to get on the pump.   After 6 months, there has
not been much improvement but there are some signs.  So I'm hopeful.  And
being on the pump has made me just feel so much better in general.   I also
get some thingling in my fingers sometimes, but this is related to carpal
tunnel syndrome (CPS).  And it is known that diabetics are more susceptible
to CPS than normal people.  But this increased incidence is probably based
on data from the old days of relatively poor control and high A1Cs.
Whether this will still be true in us good controllers :-) remains to be

<<<<<<<Rebecca, Welcome to the group.  I can happily tell you that the pump
will help
your neuropathy.  I was told when I got my pump that it would be 2 years
before I noticed an improvement in my feet.  I had been on the pump 2 years in
May, and the neuropathy in my feet has just about disappeared.  I can go
barefoot now which I haven't been able to do for years. I have also regained
the reflexes that I had lost.  My feet still get cold, but that has improved
too.  I also have pain in my hands that improved greatly with running.  I
haven't a clue why, but since I started running, the pain in my hands is now
minor.  I thought the pain in my hands was arthritis or neuropathy or "trigger
finger" , but I never knew for sure.  Every dr. I went to had a different
opinion.  Anyway, I hope the pump does as much for you as it has done for me.

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