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[IP] Re:I can't explain this

John, you are supposed to be more scientific than this :-)  I have never
heard of BG being affected by "all those funny chemicals."   I bet it is
all related to the caffiene, which can affect different people differently
at different times.  ( a long winded way of saying YMMV) .  Also the amount
of caffeine in tea and coke is much less than that in coffee.  So dose is
probably the single biggest variable, and since most pharmacologic dose
responses are not linear, once you get above a certain dose, the effect of
the caffeine might be felt way out of proportion.
p.s. I'm a coffee addict, so I think i've developed a caffeine tolerance
after all these years.  I've even thought of mixing some in my pump *s*

<<<<<<<<<<<<<Yes, yes, yes! Me too. Coffee sends my bg high, way way in
excess of the
milk I use. Like you, I've never found this mentioned in any diabetes
literature. It seems to be most pronounced when I drink coffee on an
empty stomach. I will usually take a unit of insulin to cover a large
coffee, but it's real guess-work.

There is an explanation. The chemicals in all the caffeine drinks:
coffee, tea, Coke etc are very complex, and all these drinks do
different things to me. Tea makes me excitable and exhausted. Coffee
picks me up just nicely, and helps me concentrate. It's not just the
caffeine that does it - it's all the other funny chemicals there. And
sometimes these effects come and go over time. But coffee can prompt
your adrenal glands to pump out adrenaline, and this then causes your
liver and muscles to dump their stored glucose into the blood stream.
This is standard medical stuff. So why the "coffee effect" is not widely
acknowledged I don't know.


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