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Re: [IP] Nanette, choosing a pump

> BTW, is anyone regularly swimming with their Disetronic pump?  I got =
> some moisture in the insulin cartridge chamber the last time I did.  Is =
> this normal?  I dried it off when I changed cartridges and it seems to =
> be OK.
> Also, BTW, how often are D-pumpers switching to use the spares?  I =
> haven't used mine yet.

Did you use the red plugs to gaurd the insulin chamber?  Its not a 
*problem* to get it wet, other than just a hassle to dry.  That whole 
section isn't waterproof without the red "things", but it is isolated 
completely from the pump electronics, so there no danger of damage. 
(haven't had trouble here -- don't swim too often, but thats what the rep 
told me)

never used the spare.

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