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Re: [IP] Humalog and Pregnancy


I checked the package insert on Humalog.  It says that good blood
glucose control is important during pregnancy.  It also states that no
test results are available about using Humalog while pregnant.  Sounds
like the manufacturer (Lilly) isn't even sure about the safety of their
product during pregnancy ... so how could anyone else be?

> > I would like to have a baby, but my doctor tells me that I cannot have
> > Humalog in my pump during the pregnancy. I would like to know if any
> > diabetic woman has have a baby with Humalog. Thank you.
> Since I'm not a woman I can't comment on your question from experience, but
> have a question for you. Why does your doctor say you can't use Humalog 
> when pregnant? As far as I know it's usually better to use Humalog than 
> Regular.
> Sounds like he's confused.
<< Please see the HUMALOG links on the LINKS page of the web site.
There are some warnings about H and pregnancy. Or more accurately, 
some un-answered questions that are distrubing. >>


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