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Re: [IP] Nanette, choosing a pump

I perceive I might have appeared rather pedantic in my advocacy of silhouette / tenders.  Of course everyone is entitled to her beliefs and practices.
My understanding is these infusion sets differ from others in that, by virtue of the offset connection between the site and infusion tube, combined with a transparent cover over the canula, the wearer can directly view the infusion site while the canula is inserted. 
Is this also possible for users of the sof-sets?
I disconnect to swim or shower, leave the pump running and reconnect a half hour or so later with some regularity.  I think having a pony tail hanging off like the sof-sets do would be awkward.  Perhaps someone cares to comment?
I feel being able to visually inspect the site gives me flexibility to decide to leave the tube in a day or so longer, if the site is not becoming irritated, red or swollen.  Twice I saw I was starting to bruise so I changed earlier than I otherwise would have. 
The tender instructions specify <30 degree insertion angles.  I tried >30 once and had a kink.  Now I go with very shallow insertion angles.  Maybe 10-20 degrees.  I experience very little sensation  of pain while doing this, and after needle removal, sensation at the site is nearly imperceptible even when I touch it.  I'm also getting less itching at the site lately.
Seven months on the pump, hba1c 5.5%.
BTW, is anyone regularly swimming with their Disetronic pump?  I got some moisture in the insulin cartridge chamber the last time I did.  Is this normal?  I dried it off when I changed cartridges and it seems to be OK.
Also, BTW, how often are D-pumpers switching to use the spares?  I haven't used mine yet.
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Those are all good reasons but don't they all also apply to sofsets?  I get the advantages but I'm confused about the generalization in your first post and the qualities you list here for the Silhouettes that several of the infusion sets also share (I haven't seen a metal needle in years b/c I had so many problems in the 11 years or so I battled with them but I have a fleeting impression that they have changed a bit in design from the original needle at the end of a tube model).  None of these reasons separate the 2 kinds of sets for me.  I guess I still want to know what additional characteristics make the Silhouettes so much better (especially if I am going to all the trouble to change :-))!


Richard Aleksander wrote:

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>Why should all pumpers be using the Silhouette (or D-Tender)?  any inside

(1)Teflon canula flexes when wearer does.  Metal needles don't and sting
when flexed.

(2)Quick disconnect (at canula) feature unavailable with needles or sof-sets
(5" tail).

(3)Compact size of infusion site.  Only about one square inch of skin is
covered by adhesive.

(4)No additional taping or waterproofing is needed.

(5)Visibility of infusion site.

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