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Re: [IP] Re: leg jerks, etc. with low bgs

Celia McInnis wrote:

> . As one of my cycling partner says (and he's perfectly correct) "If
> you don't feel right, just EAT - RIGHT NOW! - You can analyze the situation
> later...".
> This is a sort of great and sort of terrible idea!  Your feelings and your blood
> glucose level will often correspond.  The longer you have diabetes, or the more
> poorly controlled you diabetes has been either generally in the months before or in
> the hours before your feeling low, or the more adrenalin your body is pumping for a
> # of different reasons, the less the way you feel will correspond.  If your blood
> sugar drops suddenly you can feel severely hypoglycemic -- even at 200 or 300.  Vice
> versa, if you've  been consistently running in the 60-90 range, you may not feel a
> 50 or even 40.   If you can possibly blood test, blood test.  Often eating anyway
> won't hurt but if you don't caluculate how many carbs you eat for a hypo you can
> cause you blood sugar to start swinging and with a pump swings can get hard to
> stop.  As a side note, in addition to having mistreated my own symptoms, I have
> twice been in the hospital and had hospital staff treat them without testing first.
> One of those two times I had some pretty serious DKA as a result.  In the mid 1980's
> -- I had an AutoSyringe pump -- I remember being encouraged to learn to assess my bg
> without testing -- by how I felt.  The meters were more primitive then and I think
> blood testing was seen as a brutal thing for a 15 year old to do every few hours.
> Unfortunately, to date it is the only indicator we have that works more than an
> unreliable percent of the time. As your trip to the ER suggests, how you feel just
> tells you an effect but not a cause.  So please be careful!

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