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Re: [IP] basal rates?

I'm not sure I'd want the complication of having the pump give me basal
insulin I've missed while in suspend.  I've been pumping less than 2
months, but I figured out almost immediately how my MM 507 was delivering
my basal on the basis of the clicks.  

I'm on fairly low basals (ranging from .4 to .6), so I do take this into
account.  But to me, it's not that much trouble to notice the time when I
disconnect to take a shower or change my set and/or tubing.  When I'm back
up running, I just bolus the amount I missed.  Today, for example, I took
out my old set at 10:02 and, because of telephone interruptions, etc.,
didn't get back up and running until 10:42.  Since I know my basal is .5
beginning at 10 am, I just took .1 for the 10:12, 10:24, and 10:36
deliveries, for a total of .3.

I suppose it might be more of a bother if I was on .7 or some other amount
that doesn't divide easily, but I think I'd probably get used to it pretty
quickly.  I mean, it happens *every* day . . .

Incidently, I worried prior to getting the MM 507 that the delivery clicks
would annoy me.  Instead I find that they are reassuring.

Just my .02.


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