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Re: [IP] Disetronic & Sofset

John, I'll take your word for it since I do not have a clue how the sofset
works with the Disetronic pump.  I used them for about 2 weeks only and didn't
have a problem.  BTW, all of this discussion about which needle is better is
sort of silly to me. The posts seem to be overly defensive about what is
simply a personal preference.  I had a problem the first year I was on the
pump and was able to get free samples of every needle made for both pumps.  I
tried them all and then decided on the tender because that worked best for my
lifestyle.  So all you people out there who are going to get a pump, try all
the needles you desire because it is just a matter of individual preference
and some will work better for you than others.  Good luck.  ellen
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