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Re: [IP] Noticing the Pump

At 12:02 PM 07/04/1998 , you wrote:
>I'm surprised to read that many people don't find others noticing the
>pump.  I am getting comments and questions all the time, often at really
>surprising moments.  I was at a carnival last night playing one of those
>prize-games, and as I left, the guy running the booth said, "Excuse me
>Ma'am, what's that thing on your waist?"  The day before, one of the
>secretaries asked if it was a phone!  (that was the most unique one)  I've
>just gotten so many questions.  It doesn't bother me, in fact I like
>educating others and stressing how much the pump helps diabetic control,
>since most people know somebody with diabetes.

In the month I've been pumping, nobody has ever said anything. But then,
maybe I just haven't been to any of the right places yet. I've often
thought about what I might say... probably just something vague about it
being an insulin pump. But then, there are a lot of cryptic comments you
can use. If I had the nerve I'd love to say that I was really an Alien and
this thing on my belt was my communicator to my mother-ship. However that
might prompt a visit from the Men in Black.


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