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Re: [IP] I can't explain this...

> May have something to do with hot coffee.  Experimenting would be good, at
> least you would have more info about your body's reactions.  Good luck.
> Barbara B.

Or perhaps test hot diet Coke... yuck!

I got this rather disinterested response from my endo:

<<Dear John,

Thanks for the query.  The answer is "no".  I've done a medline search 
and there are only 12 entries since the 1970's, none very relevant.  
Caffeine poisoning results in massive adrenaline release and 
hyperglycemia in non-diabetics.  I would tend to agree with your 
comments that it has the potential to raise BG, but would not exect a 
big response unless you are in competition with Balzac (30 cups a day).

There is a well known paper on coffee and hypoglycemia, showing that 
people recognise the early symptoms more readily after coffee drinking.
Debrah K et al Lancet 1996; 347:19-24

Best wishes     Edwin>>


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