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Re: [IP] Nanette, choosing a pump

On  3 Jul 98 at 18:36, Richard Aleksander wrote:

> >Why should all pumpers be using the Silhouette (or D-Tender)?  any inside
> info?
> (1)Teflon canula flexes when wearer does.  Metal needles don't and sting
> when flexed.

Same for Sof-Set...

> (2)Quick disconnect (at canula) feature unavailable with needles or sof-sets
> (5" tail).


> (3)Compact size of infusion site.  Only about one square inch of skin is
> covered by adhesive.
> (4)No additional taping or waterproofing is needed.

I've heard some people who use the Silhouette complain about them 
fallling off in the hot weather too.

Big, big negative on Silhouette - monster needle, manual insertion 
and problems with consistent absorption due to effect of angle on 

Main thing to remember - not everyone likes or can even use the same 
methods and equipment.  That's why there isn't a single 
pre-programmed basal rate for everyone, even though Nurse Ratchet and 
Dr. Death probably think that's the way to go...

If I had to use the Silhouette I'd probably have to give up the 
pump... while I know several people who would give up theirs if they 
couldn't use the Silhouette.  Only thing to be sure of is that your 
milage will vary - drastically...

Randall Winchester

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