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Re: [IP] Noticing the Pump

>I'm surprised to read that many people don't find others noticing the
>pump.  I am getting comments and questions all the time, often at really
>surprising moments.  I was at a carnival last night playing one of those
>prize-games, and as I left, the guy running the booth said, "Excuse me
>Ma'am, what's that thing on your waist?"  The day before, one of the
>secretaries asked if it was a phone!  (that was the most unique one)  I've
>just gotten so many questions.  It doesn't bother me, in fact I like
>educating others and stressing how much the pump helps diabetic control,
>since most people know somebody with diabetes.
>Just a thought!
>Ann Arbor, Michigan
>It is now pitch dark.  If you proceed, you will likely be eaten by a grue.
     Try being around 20 third graders and having to do a blood test.  That's where the questions start flowing.  During June I was tutoring at my school and when I started wearing the pump questions started again and children notice alot faster than adults.  I'm like you.  It doesn't bother me to tell anyone that I am wearing a pump.  Before I started wearing the pump I would inform my students at the beinging of school that I was a diabetic.  One day it really helped.  My blood sugar dropped like a bomb and I couldn't stop it in time.  Three of my students went to other teachers that I informed them about.  It does not hurt to educate anyone that is curious.  Continue to educate.   Donna 

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