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Re: Ministers Are Human Too (Was [IP] Accu-Chek Complete & Camit)

July 4th is a rough one for our family also.  At 4:30 a.m. July 3rd I recieved
a call from emergency that a guy by the name of John Doe was there and it
looked like my brother.  We lost him.  He was my only brother.  (That was 5
years ago and it still seems like yesterday) He  was hit in the head with a
baseball bat, then after he went down the guy got on top of him and continued
to beat him while he was unconcious, drug him across a parking lot and shoved
him into the back floorboard of a car.  Someone else's I might add.  The two
that did it went out for breakfast then back to his place to sleep.  They
testified they thought he was snoring, the guy that tried to revive him said
he was gurgling on his blood, that was the noise.
Why?  They had too much to drink and he wouldn't let them take his truck.
I look at it this way, he is in a much better place than me.  I have him
praying for me.
I have a huge hole in me but then everyone has a cross to bear, some heavier
than others.  I doubt this helped you.  But I hope in some way it did.

Ryan's Mom 
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