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Re: [IP] I can't explain this...


I like to buy gourmet coffee beans (Starbucks, Grounds for Coffee, etc.)
and grind them myself just before I make the coffee.  I usually drink my
coffee with Sweet 'N Low.  I don't like milk or cream in it.  I do find,
however, that some of the gourmet flavors will raise my BG a bit ...
especially my favorite Irish Creme.  My only guess is that there must be
something in the flavoring and/or processing of these beans that adds
extra Carbos to them.  According to the book "The Complete Book of Food
Counts" by Corinne T. Netzer, brewed coffee has 0.8 grams carbo per 6
oz. cup.  I have never found any nutritional analysis of the gourmet
coffee beans, though.

> ok... I've been doing this for a while (watching sugars that is..) and I
> have noticed a response to -- of all things -- coffee.  I don't
> understand it.... there isn't anything *in* coffee...except caffiene..
> yet other caffinated beverages (diet sodas) don't have the same affect...
> so I think I can rule out caffine pretty easy.  I have talked to some
> other diabetics that have had similar experiences, but I don't find the
> problem documented anywhere.... has anyone else noticed thi phenomena?
> If so do you know why it happens?  -- oh... when I say "a response" I
> mean my sugars go high...I put two packs of equal in it, and some non
> dairy creamer...supposedly virtually calorie free. (and I use very little)...
> has anyone noticed this, or am I just some strange anomoly... >>

	... Sue  :-)

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		Your life probably isn't!

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