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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete & Camit & Meters

Hi Ruth,

The only meters I know of that meet your criteria are the LifeScan
Profile (with In Touch software) and the Accu-Chek Complete (software is
promised soon).  The Profile does not keep track of pump functions --
the Complete does.  Both the Profile and the Complete are rather large
to carry in a purse, though.  I carry a LifeScan Fast Take meter in my
purse and love it!  The only drawback to the Fast Take is the
serum/plasma reading that you get on it instead of the whole blood
reading on the Complete or Profile.  I would imagine that the new Bayer
meter you are thinking of is the DEX.  I really don't know much about


<< So, while we are on the subject of meters, anyone want to add any
others that addresses computer compabilit, bolus/carb/bg memory/
size/convenience/ease of case?  I remember some people recently
a Bayer meter?

Thanks all,

Ruth >>


	... Sue  :-)

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		Your life probably isn't!

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