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Re: Fewer lows with pump? was Re: [IP] pets and hypoglycemia

>At 04:23 PM 7/2/98 -0500, Becky Draper wrote:
>>I usually experience low bg only at night when I'm sleeping.   I 
>>always wake up with the assistance of my cat.  I have 2 cats.  My
>>siamese cat, Sasha, is MY kitty.  Tiger, cat #2, is devoted to my
>>husband and much prefers his lap over mine.  However, when my bg takes
>>a dive in the middle of the night, Tiger sits on my chest and DROOLS
>>buckets on my neck, face and ears!!  This only happens when my bg is
>>going low.  At no other time will Tiger sit on my lap or curl up in bed
>>with me.  Weird huh?  Guess those critters are pretty smart huh?
>>Tiger does this consistently.  Although I have only had 2 lows at night
>>since starting the pump in March.  Pre-pump, when I used NPH, night time
>>lows were pretty common for me.
>>Becky D.
Becky and other animal lovers,
  I loved your story about your cats.  Your story is very similiar to mine.  The only difference is I have three buff cocker spaniels.  I had trouble adjusting to the Humalog when I was first put on it.  I had several lows during the early mornings.  Well, our dogs sleep in the bedroom on mats.  My husband usually checks on me before he goes to work.  One morning he said that I replied that I was ok.  I was still able to recognize that something was different.  I felt the pressure of Sassy, my oldest cocker, across my chest.  My blood level was at 45. As a little girl, my grandfather would remind me to always treat my animals with respect they deserve and they would always love me back.  Makes a lot of sense now.  But, Sassy is like your Tiger.  She perfers my husband's lap to mind.  So thank God for loving animals.  Take care.  Donna      

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