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Re: [IP] basal rates?

Janet Wiener wrote:
> You lose the basal rate for the time it was in suspend mode. Suppose your
> basal is 0.5, and you suspend from 5:02 - 5:32. Then you get your basal
> delivery at 5:00, 5:36 and 5:48, only, for a total of 0.3 that
> hour. Suppose you suspend for a different half hour, from 5:10-5:40. Then
> you would only get 0.2 that hour -- at 5:00 and 5:48.

Someone mentioned this last week, but it passed me by then. This has got
to go on the wish list has it not? Why should it be necessary to fuss
around worrying about your lost basal? This lost basal could be
significant for many people, particularly if your basal rate is very

If there were a "Pump off" mode, in addition to the "Suspend" mode, then
on reconnection you could elect to have all the basal you missed whilst
taking your long bath or whatever. You might want to have a time limit
here - say 2 hours, but apart from that, it would be quite a neat little

507D here we come?

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