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Re: [IP] insulin pumping

Kathy S wrote:
> I am getting a prescription for this deluent and
> will be mixing my own dilute Humulog. This is useful for those of us with
> small children. My son's Minimed 507 when set on the U50 mode will give
> insulin in units of .05.  We are finding at times that .2 is not enough and .3
> is too much.  In the U50 mode we can set the basal at .25.


One thought occured to me: why not use the unused basal rates on the 507
to alternate the basal between 0.2 and 0.3? Say 0.2 from 1am-2am 0.3
from 2am-3am 0.2 from 3am-4am and so on. It would all average out under
the skin, and that way you would "simulate" a 0.25 basal, without the
need to dilute the insulin.

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