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Re: Randall's Anniversary, was: Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete & Camit

Randall,  It's bad your Independence Day has been scarred all these years.  I
can gladly say I have no idea what day I went into the hospital (in a coma) to
officially become a diabetic person.  The part about not trusting medical pros
is just smart thinking.  I have worked in many hospitals and although there
are alot of competent people there, there are a good number of the opposite
type.  I have experienced similar situations to yours.  I consider myself
quite lucky that I have survived many attacks on my life--and have learned
from them enough to share this information with others.  I tell people to
never be alone in a hospital.   My worst problems have come because of that.
Always have someone in your family there.  This advice is especially crucial
for parents of diabetic children.  I don't care how competent that day shift
RN is and how she may tell a parent to go home and don't worry about a thing,
don't listen to her.  She might be great, but that night RN may very well not
know her left from her right.  All I want to say to you is just feel lucky
that you were not one of those patients that just didn't make it.  I feel good
that you are on this pump site because I have learned so very much from your
experiences and advice.   Soooooooo  try to have a  Happy Independence Day!
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