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Fewer lows with pump? was Re: [IP] pets and hypoglycemia

I enjoyed hearing about your cat.  Unfortunately, our cat can only meow to
be fed when she gets up in the middle of the night.  Wish I could train her.

I was especially interested in your comment about having a lot fewer
night-time lows since getting the pump.  I have had NO night-time lows since
I got the pump about a year ago.  Before, on MI, I used to have 1-2 lows a
month where my wife had a hard time getting me up.  In fact, when I had
three bad lows in one month, I finally went to my CDE and told her to start
on the paperwork for the pump.  My sugars are a little bit better, so are my
A1Cs,  but this is the biggest benefit.

At 04:23 PM 7/2/98 -0500, Becky Draper wrote:

>I usually experience low bg only at night when I'm sleeping.   I 
>always wake up with the assistance of my cat.  I have 2 cats.  My
>siamese cat, Sasha, is MY kitty.  Tiger, cat #2, is devoted to my
>husband and much prefers his lap over mine.  However, when my bg takes
>a dive in the middle of the night, Tiger sits on my chest and DROOLS
>buckets on my neck, face and ears!!  This only happens when my bg is
>going low.  At no other time will Tiger sit on my lap or curl up in bed
>with me.  Weird huh?  Guess those critters are pretty smart huh?
>Tiger does this consistently.  Although I have only had 2 lows at night
>since starting the pump in March.  Pre-pump, when I used NPH, night time
>lows were pretty common for me.
>Becky D.
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