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Re: [IP] Re: leg jerks, etc. with low bgs

Celia, I have had the same experience with a fast dropping BG.  In fact, it
happens alot while I am running.  I try to prevent it by eating something if
my BG gets to only 80.  That prevents me from going low.  That's good that you
detect it early so you can prevent a low before it happens.  Since I have hypo
unawareness, I have to test every few miles which is why I would really like
that glucose sensor.  BTW, when I was pregnant(before pump) , many years ago,
I would have the symptoms of low BG (dizziness, double vision, etc.) when my
BG dropped from 200 to 100.  It reinforces your belief--and mine--that a fast
drop in BG causes hypo symptoms.  
I also agree with you about Kirez.  I have been diabetic for 38 years and my
body is about as unpredictable as it has ever been.  The pump helps alot, but
my body is NEVER predictable with the same situation b/c NO situation is ever
the same.  I used to hate it, but now I kind of enjoy the challenge every day.
I take care of my diabetes as best I can and am pretty laid back about any
problems that occur.  We only have limited knowledge and getting stressed out
about every situation only makes the condition worse.  I find that being
relaxed, but vigilant about care, has helped my total diabetic control
immensely.  ellen  
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