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Re: [IP] Traveling

> I was NOT trying to charge you with any crime -- I was just to lazy to get
> to the web site and see if it had been completed.  If you'd like to comment
> on my questions though, I'd really appreciate it.  Ruth E. already sent one
> (Thanks!), but I'm feeling a bit tentative about what looks to be a very
> stressful event and I'd love more ideas.

Lori... Your miss my point! I WANTED to confess to my crime... to
absolve myself of my own perceived sins... ;-)

In response to your question though, I would guess that your pump clock
should match your body clock, if you follow me. If the duration or E/W
distance is short, there's no need to make your pump clock match the
local clock.

I'm not sure if this adds anything to Bob's post, but if you're staying
more than a few days, and it's more than a few time zones, then your
basal rates may shift into the new time zone. But the general stress of
travel will probably screw things up in any case.

Incidently, don't forget to change the time on your bg meter clock as

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