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Re: [IP] Nanette, choosing a pump

At 07/02/1998 - 04:33 PM John Neale wrote:

>I tried the Silhouette style sets for a few weeks, and gave up. I had
>real trouble pushing that long needle all the way in by hand. It wasn't
>painful, but I just went "all funny", and was experiencing real trauma
>at set change time.

I really thought that I would have exactly the same problem.... in fact I
was really nervous about using the Silhouette at first (I'm definitely not
a needle fan). However, after having tried it about 6 or 7 times, I find it
relatively easy. However, this is all very personal and psychological. Each
person handles these things quite differently. Yes, the needle does seem
pretty long... especially when you take it out. However, you're not pushing
it straight in at a 90 degree angle... its at 30 degrees or less. So far,
I've never really felt it... and within a minute the needle is out and


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