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Re: [IP] life scan case

At 07/02/1998 - 04:48 AM email @ redacted wrote:
>Right after posting twice about the Lifescan Profile's case, testing
>bedtime, my strip holder was broken, again.
>Also unlike Sam's case, made in USA, mine are all made in China.
>Out came the crazy glue.    {grin}

My current Profile is a "newer" meter that I got for free with a coupon
about 18 months ago. I used to keep it as a spare, but I've recently traded
my old Profile for the Fast-Take. I don't recall where the old Profile's
case was made... probably in some 3rd-world country.  But my current one
definitely says "Made in USA" (even has a picture of the flag on the
label). You might call Lifescan and see if you can get a USA-made case...
especially if you complain enough about how lousy your Chinese cases have


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