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Re: [IP] MM507c upgrade, anyone got the scoop?


There is a lot of information about the MiniMed 507C on their home page
now.  Go to <http://www.minimed.com/>.  The info there includes complete
specs on the new pump.


>The difference as far as I know between the 507 and 507c is that the
>507c has computer connect capabilities and can have up to 48 basal rates.
<< I was wondering if anyone has info on upgrading to the MiniMed 507c
>> from the 507.  I saw a thread that asked the question and never saw
>> an answer.  Anyone, anyone?
>> Wade Wingler >>

<< Stuart, This is the explaination I received on the 507c.  48 basals
instead of 12 (for
European mkt).  35 units in basal instead of 25 (for iv. if necessary)
New generation pump
will hopefully incorporate glucose sensor in body of pump--as opposed to
separate unit.  New
generation pump lag time 3-4 yrs.  This came from my rep.  He said the
507 was just fine.
Hope this helps you.  I heard about the 507c and needed to know the
difference too and this
was just a few days after being connected to the 507.  Great timing. 
Have a nice day :)
Donna >>


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