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Re: [IP] cafeine and blood sugar

I drink a LOT of coffee, with and without caffiene, but always very strong.
It makes absolutely no difference in my bgs (weekends I don't drink much).
Perhaps coincidentally though, I do not feel the effects of the caffeine in
coffee either.  Diet Dew can sometimes buzz me (although at the conc of my
"mud" it has a much lower caffeine value), as can NoDoz (college days), but
coffee doesn't work that way.  I don't get the withdrawals that some have
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From: Earl Guillory <email @ redacted>
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Date: July 02, 1998 08:09 PM
Subject: [IP] cafeine and blood sugar

>    James,
>      The last endo I had claimed caffeine can raise bg, but didn't
>say his source of the info. I tried an experiment on myself, and
>discovered regular coffee really raises my bg, especially after
>breakfast. To compensate, I drink tea in the moring, and then walk on
>the treadmill. That way the exercise prevents the sugars from going
>up, and helps lower my sugars for the rest of the day. Since it takes
>time for the caffeine in the tea to kick in, I get a head start on it.
>So this nighttime person can get up at 6 am, and still remain awake in
>the morning. plus, I can eat more food, and not worry so much about
>the calories(YMMV). My good cholesterol has gone up, and bad
>cholesterol has come down. It takes 30 minutes, but is well worth it.
>When I don't walk, the sugars go up, and I'm more sleepy, most of the
>      After being off the am coffee, i find the diet sodas when I eat
>out raise the sugars. If I drink water instead, it doesn't do that!!
>      Hope you find out what works for you!!
>      Barb G   trying to stay healthy, but still enjoy an occasional
>donut, or whatever!
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