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Re: [IP] basal rates?

> From: Lee Lockwood <email @ redacted>

> I use a MiniMed 507 pump, by the way.  My question: when is the basal
> rate delivered?  Say that I've set the basal rate to give me 0.5 units
> per hour.  Does it deliver this in fifths (0.1 unit at a time)?  If so,
> when?  Does the pump computer divide the 0.5 units into equal parts and
> deliver them at regular intervals throughout the hour?

Yes, yes, and yes. If you use a basal rate of 0.5, it delivers 0.1 unit
every 60/5 = 12 minutes. So, at 0, 12, 24, 36, and 48 minutes past the
hour. If you use basal rate of 0.7 (or anything else that doesn't divide
evenly into 60), it rounds to the nearest second, or maybe millisecond, but
definitely a finer granularity than the nearest minute. I've watched my 506
time and listened for the basal rate clicks to verify this. 

> Again, what happens when I set my pump on "suspend" and then restart it?
> For example, say that I suspend my pump for 1/2 hour, and that it should
> normally be giving me 0.5 units during that hour.

You get no insulin while it's on suspend. 

> When I resume (take the pump off "suspend"), does the pump still deliver
> the full basal amount for that hour, only in different amounts and at
> different intervals?  Or do I lose my basal for the period during which
> the pump was in "suspend" mode?

You lose the basal rate for the time it was in suspend mode. Suppose your
basal is 0.5, and you suspend from 5:02 - 5:32. Then you get your basal
delivery at 5:00, 5:36 and 5:48, only, for a total of 0.3 that
hour. Suppose you suspend for a different half hour, from 5:10-5:40. Then
you would only get 0.2 that hour -- at 5:00 and 5:48.

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