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[IP] cafeine and blood sugar

      The last endo I had claimed caffeine can raise bg, but didn't
say his source of the info. I tried an experiment on myself, and
discovered regular coffee really raises my bg, especially after
breakfast. To compensate, I drink tea in the moring, and then walk on
the treadmill. That way the exercise prevents the sugars from going
up, and helps lower my sugars for the rest of the day. Since it takes
time for the caffeine in the tea to kick in, I get a head start on it.
So this nighttime person can get up at 6 am, and still remain awake in
the morning. plus, I can eat more food, and not worry so much about
the calories(YMMV). My good cholesterol has gone up, and bad
cholesterol has come down. It takes 30 minutes, but is well worth it.
When I don't walk, the sugars go up, and I'm more sleepy, most of the
      After being off the am coffee, i find the diet sodas when I eat
out raise the sugars. If I drink water instead, it doesn't do that!!  
      Hope you find out what works for you!!
      Barb G   trying to stay healthy, but still enjoy an occasional
donut, or whatever!

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