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[IP] basal rates?

I have a question about insulin pumps to which I'd like an answer.
I use a MiniMed 507 pump, by the way.

My question: when is the basal rate delivered?  Say that I've set the
basal rate to give me 0.5 units per hour.  Does it deliver this in
fifths (0.1 unit at a time)?  If so, when?  Does the pump computer
divide the 0.5 units into equal parts and deliver them at regular
intervals throughout the hour?

Again, what happens when I set my pump on "suspend" and then restart
it?  For example, say that I suspend my pump for 1/2 hour, and that
it should normally be giving me 0.5 units during that hour.  When I
resume (take the pump off "suspend"), does the pump still deliver the
full basal amount for that hour, only in different amounts and at
different intervals?  Or do I lose my basal for the period during
which the pump was in "suspend" mode?

I have no clue as to how the basal rate is delivered.  Maybe there's
something about it in the manual, but I don't remember it.

Any elucidation from the experts here would be much appreciated.


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