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Re: [IP] Traveling

> Did anyone ever get a FAQ written for travel?  I know, I know, but my
> browser is set up with a different  logon than normal net access, I've been
> up since 3:45 am, and I'm feeling tired.  Please humor me if you know.

I'm sorry... I plead guilty as charged. Amilcar and I both agreed to
write this travel FAQ. It was going to be a real biggy. But then we were
both really busy er... travelling. Then Amilcar kindly sent me some junk
mail apparently from Mr Gates, promising me a free copy of Windows98 if
I forwarded it to a 100 others. Now that really narked me off. I told
him he was a gullible twit, and he swore blind it was all true. Since
then we've not spoken...

If I claim I've not written it yet because I've been busy, I would be
lying. It's more that I just haven't got round to it yet. So to finish
as I started... I'm sorry.

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