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[IP] Ms. July... ;)

	Hi all!  I've just returned from seeing my opthalmologist.  You know the
story.... eyes dilated, bright lights, "read this line", etc, etc.  Am
SOOoooo excited I can't sit still!!  Picture this: eye doctor walks into
room - sort of resembling a MAD Einstein-type researcher of a doc, hair
wild & sticking every which way... a brilliant fellow, soft-spoken, with a
kind eye.. and quite passionate about his work.  Of course, my head is
pressed against the chair, chin on that "thing"... yellow "goop" in the
dilated eyes.  He proceeds to "blind me" with that light - looking,
searching..... suddenly he says "wow".... & "oh my goodness.... wow!"  He
pushes his wheeled chair back from me, flies across the room, grabs my
chart with last years retinal pictures, studies them again... then finally
returns to my "still-in-that-chin-thing face" and says "wow."  I
immediately panic(!!) - and think "oh my God, I'm about to DIE!" - I
know... I'm rather dramatic & my dear husband is always sure to remind me
of that!  Anyway..... turns out that the beginnings of retinopathy that
were apparent last year, pre-pump - have completely REGRESSED!!!  - no
trace, nothing, & better than 20/20 vision.  :) 

	I couldn't be HAPPIER(!!) - he couldn't have been happier!  So then he
wants to know all about my pump... how it's going, where I wear it, how it
works, how it disconnects, etc.  He was Soooo excited!  He is amazed that
tighter control is working this way for me, noting that in many cases
retinopathy has been previously thought to accelerate on pumps & tight
control.  Actually says he's seen a few others with this improved
presentation and he will consider presenting these observations to the
medical journals!  *lol*!  Can you imagine??? - (are you thinking what I'm
thinking Tonya(!)?).... red corvette... yellow bikini.... matching yellow
"goop" outlining HUGE dilated eyes... one insulin pump on the hip(!)....
"Opthalmology Mate of the Month!"  *LOL!!*

	I realize that it doesn't happen this way for everyone.... I thank heavens
for the fortune I am having.  My thoughts are certainly with those of us
struggling with vision issues... but I do also want to give hope to those
of us who need it.  This can make a VERY big difference.  Suddenly I'm
thinkin' - I'll have to plan for retirement!!  ;)  My hat is off to each of
you  - pumpers, prospective pumpers, and parents of pumpers alike, who are
working so hard for good control!  Keep up the GREAT work!!  And keep

Always in health,
Delaine M. Wright, MS, CDE
Type 1 - 1983 (at age 15yrs); MM507 Humalog 11/97

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