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Re: [IP] Nanette, choosing a pump

> >6) has automatic set injector, so make sure the set goes in without
> >bending the cannula
> But this one can't be used with the silhouette, which all pumpers should be
> using, no?

I use the Sofsets, with the injection gun (Sofserter) and love it.

I tried the Silhouette style sets for a few weeks, and gave up. I had
real trouble pushing that long needle all the way in by hand. It wasn't
painful, but I just went "all funny", and was experiencing real trauma
at set change time.

I have no trouble with needles or finger pricks. I'm a fairly broad
minded easy-going chap, but all these infusion set needles look just a
bit too big for my comfort. Hence the Sofserter injection gun. It is for
me completely painless, and even satisfying to just press the button and
CLUNK! in it goes. Without the gun I also found the Sofsets traumatic. I
guess I'm lucky that I'm not skinny, so there's plenty of fat for me to
put the Sofset into without hitting muscle layer. I know a lot of people
swear by the Silhouette, but this has been my experience.

I'm not sure why, but apparently the Sofset doesn't fit onto the
Disetronic, although the Disetronic sets fit the Minimed... go figure...

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