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Re: [IP] I can't explain this...

James P Lyons wrote:
> ok... I've been doing this for a while (watching sugars that is..) and I
> have noticed a response to -- of all things -- coffee.  I don't
> understand it.... there isn't anything *in* coffee...except caffiene..
> yet other caffinated beverages (diet sodas) don't have the same affect...
> so I think I can rule out caffine pretty easy.  I have talked to some
> other diabetics that have had similar experiences, but I don't find the
> problem documented anywhere.... has anyone else noticed thi phenomena?
> If so do you know why it happens?  -- oh... when I say "a response" I
> mean my sugars go high...I put two packs of equal in it, and some non
> dairy creamer...supposedly virtually calorie free. (and I use very little)...
> has anyone noticed this, or am I just some strange anomoly...
2 possibilities come to mind: the non-dairy creamer has a lot more effect
than you think, ot (like me) you might be allergic to equal. Try leaving out
either in 1 cup of coffee, the other in another try, and see if the bg is 
more stable. You may not like the flavor of those cups, but at least you'll
know if either additive is the problem.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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