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Randall's Anniversary, was: Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete & Camit


If all of us who were told we "wouldn't make it" lined up, we'd have one
heck of a Fourth of July parade going on <vbg>.

Glad you made it this far - I look forward to talking to you about this in
another sixteen years ;-)


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>I'm having one of those weeks - this is "anniversary week" - sixteen
>years ago I went into the hospital with the initial diagnoses of
>diabetes and was given my first shot of insulin.  A few minutes later
>I was "bawled out" by the head nurse on the floor for "letting myself
>get in such shape and not taking my insulin and obeying my doctor's
>orders" - she never even read beyond the word "diabetes" on the 
>chart and just assumed I was non-compliant.  In her best 
>"professional outrage" manner she proceeded to "educate" me...  and 
>even though the diabetes teaching nurse confronted her about this 
>being bad behavior she never even admitted that it happened.  Several 
>of the other nurses and aides who witnessed it apologized to me 
>afterwords and said that one of them should have jumped her when she 
>started her tirade....  the memories of that that coupled with the 
>"encouragement" fom the doctor that I'd probably die in a few years 
>always makes the week before the 4th of July a bad one.  And these 
>kind of experiences also help make me wary of "medical professionals" 
>even though several of my friends fall into that category.

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