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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete & Camit

On  1 Jul 98 at 2:19, Sue W wrote:
> I was given a loaner of an Accu-Chek "Complete" meter to try out.  Does
> anyone know if this meter measures whole blood values or serum/plasma
> values?  I can't find anything about this in the owner's manual.

It measures whole blood values.  I've got one of these meters and 
have been using it for several months.  It looks good at initial 
tryout but has some quirks.

> I am also curious about some software called "Camit" that is supposed to
> work with the "Complete" and "Profile" meters.

According to the reps the "user software" is still vaporware and not 
available yet.  The "Camit" software that is on the market now isn't 
compatable with the Complete either, and they got kind of 
hostile when I asked if it was anywhere near coming to 

> Any information or comments (feedback) on either of these subjects
> would be greatly appreciated.  I need help deciding if I want to get
> a "Complete" meter or "Camit" software.

The meter is OK and is really fairly comparable to the Profile.  The 
biggest problem is the company support who tend to get hostile if you 
call the 800 number and ask something that isn't on their script.

I'm having one of those weeks - this is "anniversary week" - sixteen
years ago I went into the hospital with the initial diagnoses of
diabetes and was given my first shot of insulin.  A few minutes later
I was "bawled out" by the head nurse on the floor for "letting myself
get in such shape and not taking my insulin and obeying my doctor's
orders" - she never even read beyond the word "diabetes" on the 
chart and just assumed I was non-compliant.  In her best 
"professional outrage" manner she proceeded to "educate" me...  and 
even though the diabetes teaching nurse confronted her about this 
being bad behavior she never even admitted that it happened.  Several 
of the other nurses and aides who witnessed it apologized to me 
afterwords and said that one of them should have jumped her when she 
started her tirade....  the memories of that that coupled with the 
"encouragement" fom the doctor that I'd probably die in a few years 
always makes the week before the 4th of July a bad one.  And these 
kind of experiences also help make me wary of "medical professionals" 
even though several of my friends fall into that category.

Probably shocked some of you that ministers have difficulty with 
things like this...  but we're human too.  And this ol'boy 
is painfully aware of it this week...

Randall Winchester

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