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Point of Order, was: Re: [IP] Nanette, choosing a pump


There is no single recommended / mandated infusion set for all pumpers.
There is nothing to indicate that all pumpers "should be using Silhouettes
/ Tenders / Comforts" (my quotation marks, not yours ;-)). Likewise with

Users needs vary, comfort levels vary, feature sets vary and so do infusion
sets and pumps. That's why there are choices ;-) I'm glad I have options,
and I will on occasion switch from the Tenders that I normally use, to bent
needles, then back again. I kind of view this as my "constitutional right"
<vbg>, and would kick and scream if "forced" to use a particular set.

You are correct in stating that the MiniMed SofSet SofSerter (I think
that's the name of this tool) cannot be used with anything other than the
MiniMed SofSets. That's the set it was designed for. It was designed to
insert the SofSet quickly, minimizing discomfort and reducing the
likelihood of cannula crimping during this process.

To date, there have been no definitive answers to the No Delivery errors
which folks have experienced. Since they can be caused by a number of
factors, it's difficult to determine exactly what caused them. Buzz
Haughton is not on this list anymore, so he can't state exactly what his
problems are.

One thing we do know is that the same pump / insulin / infusion set can
produce markedly different results in different people on different days,
or stated differently, "The only constant is change" ;-)

Bob Burnett

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