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[IP] Article on Ms VA...

O'kay all,
    Since my local newspaper was so cheesy and wanted people to pay a $1
to pull the article up on-line...I found it and am going to type it up
for you guys (I'm not breaking some copyright law am I?!?!?)  Don't tell
on me, o'kay?  In parenthesis are my own words!
Roanoke - Miss Lynchburg, Nicole Johnson, a diabetic who must wear
(chooses to wear) a small insulin pump, was named Saturday as Miss
Virginia 1998.
    Johnson, a 24-year-old Regent University graduate student,
discovered in 1993 she had diabetes.  After the 1997 Miss Virginia
pageant, she considered dropping out of the pageant circuit. (Why?  'cuz
she lost or because of her diabetes?!?)  But with the help of a small
pump, about the size of a beeper, she learned to control (better manage)
her disease.
    The pump contains a 3 day supply of insulin (depending on your
rates) and injects it directly into her bloodstream (Like IV drugs, I
don't think so, good picture that sends to the uneducated), greatly
increasing her mobility (what she couldn't walk before?!?  Maybe
'flexibility for daily events' would have fit better there!)  "If there
ever was a reason for me to compete, diabetes is it," Johnson said
before the pageant.  "Sixteen million people need a role model."
MY WORDS NOW...She is quite pretty, did I do good job of editing the
article?!?!?  :-)  So what do you think?  I would have preferred more
detail!!!!!!!!    -Tonya D.

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