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Re: [IP] Nanette, choosing a pump

> 6) has automatic set injector, so make sure the set goes in without
> bending the cannula

IMHO this is not a feature.  Its my understanding that the sillouettes 
(disetronic tenders) cannot be used with the "set injector", and using 
said set injector (with...soft sets?) can lead to crimping of the cannula 
much more easily than inserting by hand.  I tried the punch device once.  
Used tenders ever since.  -- I went with the disetronic for my own reasons.  
#1 being its waterproof.  I almost say "draw straws", cause it really doesn't 
matter too much I don't think.  Both pumps will provide good control, and 
thats the *most* important issue.  Square wave is nice, but really just a 
temporary basal...easily mimiced by one at least.  Being able to see it 
at night is nice, except it stays under my clothing most of the time, so 
I'm not looking at it, even when its light out.

Good luck with the decision.

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